Friday, September 12, 2014

Beautiful Chaos

Last night I painted a picture.
As I started to glide my brush,
I had ever intention of making an exact replica of the photo I was looking at.
Quickly my hands took over,
Blending light strokes of different colors,
The way I always paint everything- impressionistically.
When I was done.
I stood back and was surprised by the work I did.
Almost feeling like I had not done it myself.
My hands had taken over,
The brush, the paints took control of the work.
Sometimes giving yourself up to the chaos,
Is what creates the most beautiful parts of life.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Watching you bloom

In the early hours of the morning,
I am about to leave for the day,
Before anyone else  in the house is out of bed.
As I button my shirt,
I watch my daughter open the door to the bedroom and climb in bed with her daddy,
She pulls her blanket up to her cheek.
Then with a devilish smiles she declares,
"Go away mommy!" and giggles.
She makes me laugh as I kiss her head and say goodbye.
As I leave I smile at the precocious little girl I'm raising.
She's so smart and funny.
My son and daughter often fill me with awe in this way.
Being a mother I get to watch their personalities slowly bloom.
It's magical and scary sometimes,
But mostly it fills my heart with joy.