Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Great Adventure

Today I was thinking about a time,
When we used to sit in the book store,
Sipping coffee and quietly reading.
I'd share with you something I learned.
You would give me a funny line to laugh at.
That is how I envision us when we are older...
Except you'll be wearing reading glass,
And socks up to your knees.
My hair will be dusted with silver,
My voice will be weaker then before.

But right now, there's no time for sitting.
We are in the trenches of our great adventure.
Figuring out how to parent magnificent children.
Running around doing nothing at all.
It is exhausting and messy and wonderful.
I couldn't imagine a better team member.
We have just embarked on our great adventure.
And some day when we are sitting quietly reading...
I will smile to look back at our wild days.

Tangled Up

Tangled up,
A rolled up ball of arms and legs,
Breath and smiles.
It's strangely comfortable.
And in this moment,
I feel like we are one.
Green eyes... I love you.

Monday, September 17, 2012

When you are gone

I like to think I'm a strong, driven, self-sufficient woman.
I like to think I choose you out of desire not necessity.
But then you leave,
And suddenly I'm a hot mess.
My weaknesses seem glorified when you are gone.
I'm not half as good as I would like to be.
My dependence on you is magnified.

When you are gone,
I realize how much better you make me.

With you I am constantly getting better.
With you I am strong and driven.
With you I am all the things I want to be
You make even my weaknesses seem admirable.
You seem to cover my multitude of mistakes,
And pick up where I slack off.

When you are gone,
I am exposed.

My faults seem larger;
I feel like a smaller person,
When you are gone.
All the little things you do,
They suddenly seem important.
Who will carry me, my love,
When you are gone?

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Marshmallow You Didn't Expect

Bath night.
I come downstairs to make hot chocolate,
To warm your cold wet hands.
I swirl the chocolate in the pan of milk,
Drop one marshmallow in each cup,
And pour the hot goodness over top.

Little hands wrap carefully around your mug.
Slowly and quietly you sip the contents.
Content with a warm belly.
You tip back your mug,
Your mouth filling with the soft marshmallow.
Then you look up at me with a gooey smile.

It's the sweet surprise you didn't expect.
The bonus.
The moment of bliss.
From a marshmallow at the bottom of your cup.