Sunday, August 29, 2010

Promises Forgotten

Packing up leftovers from Sunday afternoon,
Cold potatoes and promises forgotten.
It's so easy to get lost.
I used to be confident in myself,
In my relationship with God,
In my inner beauty.
I promised myself that wouldn't change.
I've promised God so many things...

Maybe in the fury of being a great co-worker, friend, wife, and mother,
I lost the stillness and quiet that brings me closer to God.
My meditations used to be of higher things then bathroom floors and roasted chicken.
Where do you go to bring you back to yourself?
Do I make another promise, or do I push on and hope that at some point,
I'll be able to take time for self-reflection and happiness?
I wish there was a recipe to bring me back to the woman I want to be.

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