Friday, July 13, 2012

The Best Gift

One of the greatest gifts I have gotten from my children is an appreciation of time. Sometimes I look back at my pre-parent life and wonder what I did with all my spare time. When I get a few moments away from my kids, its a carpi diem moment.
"These are my minutes! What shall I do with them?" I exclaim.
And as a working mother, the moments I have with my kids are equally treasured and exciting. Watching them grow reminds me daily that time passes by so quickly and you can never get it back. So what a gift I have- time today...
And what will I do with it?
Kiss my girl on the top of the head, smell that vanishing baby smell. Giggle with my son and roll on the floor, sneaking in cuddles when I can. Read the best books to my son a hundred times. Sing songs and make up the lyrics. Spend some quality time talking with my best friend. Play tennis. And in those sweet moments of solitude, maybe I'll get to read a book, or cook, or paint, or garden....

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