Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Great Adventure

Today I was thinking about a time,
When we used to sit in the book store,
Sipping coffee and quietly reading.
I'd share with you something I learned.
You would give me a funny line to laugh at.
That is how I envision us when we are older...
Except you'll be wearing reading glass,
And socks up to your knees.
My hair will be dusted with silver,
My voice will be weaker then before.

But right now, there's no time for sitting.
We are in the trenches of our great adventure.
Figuring out how to parent magnificent children.
Running around doing nothing at all.
It is exhausting and messy and wonderful.
I couldn't imagine a better team member.
We have just embarked on our great adventure.
And some day when we are sitting quietly reading...
I will smile to look back at our wild days.

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