Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can love end?

I have this theory about break-ups:
When you love someone... I mean truly,
When you let them into your heart,
Even if the relationship doesn't work out,
The love never really ends.
You might not like who they are anymore.
You might not want to be around them.
But you will always want the best thing for that person.
Even when the best for them ends your relationship.

So I don't understand nasty break-ups.
How can love turn so volatile?
So violent and bitter?
If true love existed, how could it end?

I harbor no unresolved feelings for you, my past loves.
Your were bad for me and maybe I was bad for you.
I hurt you and you hurt me.
My heart broke, but there is no venom in my heart.
Despite your infractions and flaws,
That broken part of my heart won't let me hate you.

So... when love turns to hate, was it ever really love?

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