Friday, March 22, 2013

Begin Present

How can I stay present when the past keeps turning up in my thoughts? I wish I wasn't so flighty sometimes. I wish I bounced back beter from my mistakes instead of tormenting myself with them continually. I beat myself up. I think about what I should have done. I am really horribly harder on myself than any one else in my life.

How do I stop this chain of abuse? I want to live in the moment, not being oblivious to the wake my actions caused... but mindful of where I am going more than where I have been. How do people live lives without regrets, shrug off mistakes, move on as if nothing happened? In some ways I think it is horrible that they can do this, but in other ways I secretly wish I had that ability. How do I strike a balance between learning from my errors and moving on?

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