Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dancing with my Father

My father is a quiet, contemplative soul,
He taught his three daughters to be independent.
He taught us that our most beautiful asset is our ability to think for ourselves.

My father is loving but shy.
I always felt closest to my dad in our quiet conversations.
Some of my favorite memories with my father are on the dance floor.

On the dance floor my father transforms,
He moves his hips, spins and twirls,
His eyes widen as he sings his favorite line from the song.
He wraps his huge hands around mine and we take off in his own artistic expression.

I love watching my parents dance together,
They laugh and smile,
They move as one, they seem so in love.
But every now and then my dad would stop dancing with my mother;
He would reach out his hand to me and we would dance.

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