Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guys Girl

I'd rather fix my house than my hair
I'd rather drink beer than fruity drinks
I'd rather watch The Godfather than The Notebook
I'd rather play volleyball than lay out for a tan
I'd rather eat hot wings than salads
I'd rather hike than go shopping
I'd rather talk about football than fashion
I'd rather play poker than paint my nails
It's hard for me to understand other girls sometimes
Maybe a few of my x chromosomes are out of sorts
I have trouble connecting with women
They kind of bore me
Still as a woman I feel obligated to reach out to them,
Required to sit through conversations about purses and babies
Obliged to feign worry about calories and body image.
Sometimes I'm the odd girl out,
I like to hang out with guys- it's easier.
Sometimes it makes me feel like a freak.
There has to be something wrong with me right?

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