Thursday, March 4, 2010


I hate intermission.
I don't smoke.
My bladder is a steel tank.
I have no desire to eat a whoopie pie between acts of "Much Ado About Nothing."
In fact, there is nothing I desire to do half way through a production.

Still life gives me intermissions, regardless of whether I ask for them.
Sometimes a cold makes you lay in bed for days on end.
Sometimes you have to wait for the things you want.
Sometimes stuff just takes longer than you anticipated.

I'd love to say I learn from these small intermissions,
but my impatience gets in the way.
Still, I think the intermissions are there to force me to slow down.
I have to rest, to drink more water, to get more sleep.

I hate intermission.
But a couple of my friends do smoke,
My sister always has to use the bathroom,
And my husband loves whoopie pies.
Every now and then we need an intermission.

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