Friday, June 18, 2010

In his eyes

Everything is amazing in my son's eyes. Small, simple things excite him. Little, silly things make him laugh. Sometimes I wish I could get a glimpse of the world through his eyes. He delights in the way pebbles feel when his little feet walk across them, then he'll spend 30 minutes inspecting and sorting the same pebbles. He marvels at a pile of tiny ants. The other night he ran over and kissed a tree for no reason. Sliding down a slide is never boring. Puppy kisses are never disgusting. Feeling a mist of water in his face is pure delight. My son stops to smell the roses and then he will smell them again and again. I am so glad he is in my life. Even though going his pace can make things a lot slower, it makes me take the time...
to sort rocks,
and kiss trees,
and giggle.

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