Friday, November 18, 2011

Clever Girl

I had this dream I was coy and clever.
A gentleman and I shared a conversation about first love:
The expressions, the embraces, and loveliness of it all.
Our conversation danced.
We played clever games with each others words.
I would turn my head and catch his eye with subtle flirtation.
He said he missed the flutterings in his heart.
I said, "If only I could capture those flutterings in my butterfly net."
This one expression made the man fall desperately in love with me.

I wish I were like the part I played in my dream.
I am the antithesis of coy,
My cleverness is intermittent.
I wish I could be quick-witted.
However my tongue and my brain work at varying speeds,
Stumbling my wit in an ungraceful dance.
Then there are times when I create the perfect words- two minutes too late.
Thankfully I am not playing a part in a play.
Real life has far less interesting people,
and they are far more forgiving of faults.

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