Friday, December 16, 2011

New Person

I had a fear last time I was pregnant.
I was so worried I wouldn't like my son.
I knew I would love him unconditionally.
But I didn't know if I would LIKE him.
What kind of person would he be?
Would we get along?
I ended up being happily surprised by his spirit.
He is such a laid-back, funny, sweet kid.
He's the kind of guy you could share a pint (of milk) with.

Now we have a new person entering our family.
I am feeling the same sort of worry.
I look down at my growing belly and think,
"Hey who are you in there?"
I have so many dreams and ideas about my children.
I wish so many things for them.
My biggest wish is that they are good people:
Full of Good Character, Charity, and Gratitude.
If I could guarantee these qualities in my children,
The rest can be a sweet surprise.

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