Monday, February 21, 2011

Chocolate Souffles

I was inexplicably mad at my husband yesterday. I know the level of anger I displayed was illogical- given the crime. He was just being helpful (and a little clumsy). Given my own klutzy indiscretions, I shouldn't have been so mad. You see, my husband committed a grocery crime.
As he was carrying bags in from the car, he murdered 6 eggs. I usually don't get mad about silly things like that. However after blowing $148 at the grocery store, seeing half of the dozen beautiful organic eggs I had purchased carelessly smashed just really set me off. Of course as usual, my frustration about egg smashing was short lived. As I came to my senses, I sighed and said, "Leave it please, I'll take carry of it."
As I carefully extracted the intact eggs, I tried to figure out what to do with the egg disaster and suddenly thought of chocolate souffle. So I carefully separated the massacred eggs. I melted butter and dark chocolate, whipped the egg whites to perfection and baked them until they turned into delicious puffy chocolate clouds of decadence. It seemed almost magical.
Looking over my childhood, my parents had always found ways to turn bad situations into magic. I never worried about our financial situation as a girl, although looking back, I know things were probably tight. Somehow they shielded me from those cares, through their little magic acts. We used to eat meals like corn pone with milk which my Dad said was what people used to eat in the Great Depression. It never occurred to me that we were saving money. I just thought it was fun to pretend. One time, the power went out because of a storm. So our family had a "camping trip" in the living room. We lit candles pretending it was a camp fire and Dad read usEdger Allen Poe stories.
I hope I can make "magic" like that for my children. Life cracked my beautiful eggs and I made chocolate souffle, so maybe I am heading on the right path.

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