Friday, February 4, 2011

I love sleeping with you

Have I told you how much I love sleeping with you?

At night in the darkness,
We share our deepest secrets.
You keep me up later than you should.
It reminds me of when we were dating,
We'd talk on the phone for hours.
But now you are in my arms.
Your hair is mine to tousle.
Your body is close enough to tease.
We talk until my eyelids give up and shut.

When I wake,
Your morning eyes are lovely.
We laugh about the dream I had.
You capture me in your arms as I try to escape,
And keep me locked against you.
Your warm breathe against my neck,
Convinces me to stay in bed a little longer.
"No, I don't need to blow dry my hair today."
"Yes, I need to shower"
... or maybe not.

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