Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Under Construction

A while ago, I wrote about things falling apart.
Time brings decay.
Your personal foundations can crumble.
Life changes course rapidly,
But is is not always for the worse.

I work in construction.
Everyday I am surrounded by positive changes.
Hospitals become safer.
Schools become inviting.
Homes become more energy efficient.

I once walked through an old fabric factory.
It was dark and abandoned.
Its floors were made of wooden bricks.
Its small pane windows were dusty and shattered.

In less than a year,
That same abandoned factory became an engineering school.
It's beautiful wood ceiling was cleaned and varnished.
The small pained windows were replaced.
It is a beautiful and useful building again.

My hands were part of that transformation.

Sometimes I feel like that fabric factory.
Worn, dirty, in much need of improvement.
Can I hang an apologetic "Under Construction" sign over my soul?
That is what I love about my job.
Everyday I am reminded how quickly things can be changed for the better.

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