Friday, September 4, 2009

Attempting a Blog

Last night my good friend, Brian, suggested I start a blog.
So cautiously, thoughtfully, timidly I submit my first post.
not because I in anyway do everything that my friends suggest,
not because I have some vast amount of information to share with the world,
I am starting a blog to stretch myself and feed my craving for writing and passion.
Which to me are one in the same.

I have always squirreled away my thoughts in spiral notebooks
that not even my husband has read,
because they are my personal thoughts and feelings-
no one elses.
They are mine to share or hide.
Usually I choose to hide them,
to protect myself from ridicule,
To safeguard from feeling insignifcant.

And now I cautiously, thoughtfully, timidly submit this blog,
peeling away layers of my safeguards,
allowing tiny peeks at what lies beneath.

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