Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nap Time

It is amazing how being a mom changes you, even in the subtle ways.
I love my personal space. I don’t like anyone to touch me when I am sleeping. I’m not big on cuddling… well sometimes it is nice. My husband will always be pushed off me when it comes time for me to fall asleep.
When my son was born, I was so exhausted one day we both fell asleep while I was holding him on the coach. It was the best nap. My son fit so perfectly in the fold of my arm that it became our morning habit. He would wake me up at 6am so by 9 we were both ready for a nap. We would lay on the coach, I would turn on The History Channel and we would fall asleep for several hours just snuggling. Even now, I occasionally take a little snooze with my son. I couldn’t sleep with him every night like some moms do. I still like having my space, but every now and then, nothing beats a cuddly nap with my son.
Some days when work has me all stressed out, I think about snuggling on the coach and looking down at this little peaceful dreamer.

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