Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Teenage Girls

I wish I could go back in time and tell my teenage-self some words of wisdom. I wish I could tell all teenage girls a thing or two. I look back at the silly things I did back then, the hours I spent and pimples I accrued stressing about boys or friendships.
I wish I could tell my teenage-self everything WILL be okay.
You WILL find a guy who loves you.
You WILL figure out a career that suites you.
Your 5’8” height won’t always bother you,
in fact you will wear high heels almost every day.
I wish I could tell her that if you have to work that hard to get a man, it will be even 10 times harder to keep him. To always put your girlfriends first; they are the ones who will stand by you, even when you make mistakes.
I wish I could tell her that she’s beautiful. I wish I could make her pay attention in class more. I wish I could let her know that it’s okay to go ahead and kiss that boy- one little kiss won’t ruin your life.
Knowing her, she would only half listen to me anyway. I guess every generation has to learn their own path.

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